KnightIRC Chat Network

Welcome to the temporary web page of KnightIRC Chat Network

We are a small IRC network that has been in existance since 2002. The IRC Network round robin can be found at

One Day, Preacher will rebuild the webpages, [they used to be maintained by Orare (He has not had the heart to redo her work since her death)]

How to connect to us

There are a variety of way to connect to our IRC Servers, you can use our web based chat (see below) which uses tls. Or you can connect using your favourite client using:

We look forward to meeting you, you can grab any of the team in our help support channel #powwow

Web Based Chat

We have a secure webbased chat (The Lounge)configured to access our IRC Servers:

Join the main help Channel - #powwow

Join the All_New_ Trivia Channel

If you prefer our old web chat (qwebirc) you can still access it from here

Our History

Four friends - Datalore, Realistic Dragon, Orare and Preacher, founded the KnightIRC Chat Network. Their vision was to create a family friendly place for people to chat and have fun. We offer our visitors the safest possible environment to have fun in.

Their vision started at the end of June 2001, when they started on their first server, for many months it was a test-bed making sure it would be able to protect their friends. At the end of the year the KnightIRC project was put on hold while the server was used in a link to the tri-net chat network.

Due to the usual differences in vision, KnightIRC delinked and proceeded on their own path, and in September 2002 the server ideology as it is now was born.

Contact Us

To contact our Network Staff, please join us in our network help channel #powwow, or you can use our contact form

In Memory of Christine Baker (Orare) R.I.P

Preacher, Net Admin

For those who have gone before us